Benefits of a Dehumidifier in Crawl Space & Basement

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What is a crawlspace?

Benefits of a Dehumidifier in Crawl Space & BasementCrawl places and basements are the ground floor of most commercial and residential buildings; and they serve different purposes for each individual.

There are many uses of a crawlspace and basement

  • In some countries, basements are designed in a way to make them habitable, having both windows and door access. College students and single persons are the likely people who use them as living spaces
  • Also, basements are a favorite for band groups who are more likely to turn them into studios for rehearsals. And because they are somewhat detached from the main building with wall closings, they tend to absorb excess noise that such rehearsals may produce.
  • Also some offices and discreet organizations rent basement as their work space
  • Likewise, crawlspaces or basement can serve as storage rooms or utility centers housing boiler, water heater, and breaker panel or fuse box, air-conditioning system etc. For most buildings (commercial or residential).
  • Even some homes turn them into storage rooms for old and unused items emanating from the family members. In this instance, they are less visited and are often dark and humid.
  • In hurricane and tornado prone areas, basement serve as shelters, well equipped to protect lives during such occurrence.

Why do crawlspaces and basement need dehumidifier?

Because natural light of the sun hardly beams its rays unto it, they become cold and humid overtime, serving as a thriving place for algae, mildew, and moth to grow. Unfortunately, this is just as much an important area in the building because of the essential items it houses, and if checked uninhibited, they may cause the items to rust and spoil.

Also, water from the damp ground, water vapor coming through the vents and moisture seeping through the concrete walls create conducive environment for mold to form on any and every surface area in your crawlspace.

Also, Since air is naturally likely to flow from down up; decay odor, dust mites, mold spores and fecal material mixes up with the air that are dispersed unto the living area, causing respiratory problem or aggravating asthmatic conditions.

They are many ways of controlling this occurrence; however, one of the best solutions is with the use of dehumidifier.

What is a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier works in opposite to a humidifier. It is a household appliance that sucks out excess water or humidity in the atmosphere which are then discarded in liquid or vaporized form. Dehumidifiers are used for health, preservation or comfort reasons and some also feature a removable and washable filter.

Dehumidifier function in crawlspaces

  • Dehumidifiers make the air un-conducive for moisture loving organism to thrive. It keeps the surface area of household items clean and dry so that they are preserved all year round.
  • They help reduce rusty or musty odors that go along with mold and mildew growth in your crawlspaces.
  • They help to reduce respiratory inflammations or allergic reactions caused by cold air, dust or dispersion of allergens.
  • It has both health and economic benefits. A Dehumidifier helps cooling system to become more effective and lessen their workload, thereby elongating their lifespan.
  • Dehumidifier ensures that you do not expend much energy for cleaning of dust or mildew growth.